December 3, 2020

Where to buy Xbox Series X: in stock now at Microsoft – Techradar

The new Xbox Series X is now available to buy at Microsoft. All that’s left to do now is head over and grab yourself a next-gen console – but if you’re wondering where to buy Xbox Series X, you’re not alone. 

Update: Xbox Series X stock seems to have flatlined now, but we would recommend refreshing the links below as you never know when more stock will arrive and we’ve seen units flashing in and out in the lead up to launch day.

With stock concerns mounting over the last few weeks, many are wondering which retailers are offering the most reliable stock levels at launch. We were expecting retailers to go live with new Xbox Series X stock at 8am BST, with stock levels refilling throughout the day. However, Microsoft is leading the charge before release day has even officially kicked off at 8am, with the option to buy Xbox Series X well ahead of the scheduled time. 

Xbox Series S: £249 at Microsoft
Stock seems to have dropped on the Xbox Series S now. However, we’d keep refreshing as we’ve seen more consoles become available with a few page reloads in the past.
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Xbox Series X: £449 at Microsoft
The Xbox Series X was available to buy at Microsoft – an hour before launch day itself. This one moved quick though. We were seeing that stock button springing back to life with a few refreshes, but it looks like levels have flatlined for a bit now. Keep trying, because you never know when more units will become available.
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Whether you’re looking for the full experience in the £449 Series X or the cheaper £249 Series S, we’re expecting plenty more stock to follow, and showing you exactly where to buy Xbox Series X right now.

Where to buy Xbox Series X

Where to buy Xbox Series S

Where to buy Xbox Series X in the US

If you’re looking to buy Xbox Series X in the US, you’ve got a little while to wait before stock starts landing. However, the retailers you should be keeping an eye on are just below. 

Amazon ran out of Xbox Series X stock incredibly quickly during the initial pre-order launch. That means you’ll want to be lightning fast when midday rolls around here as things are going to be competitive. That said, you’ll potentially get the fastest delivery here if you’re at the front of the queue.
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Best Buy
Best Buy is expected to have Xbox Series X stock available from day one, with gates opening at midday tomorrow. Over the pre-order season Best Buy’s site struggled to keep up with demand, so keep trying if you don’t automatically get through.
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Microsoft also ran out of its own pre-orders quickly last time around, but if you’re looking to buy Xbox Series X through the All Access scheme this is your best bet. You can pick up the new console for $34.99 a month or go standalone and pay all in one.
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B&H Photo
Not many are going to be heading to B&H Photo to buy the Xbox Series X tomorrow, so you might have an inside lane here. Be quick though, as it’s likely this particular retailer will have less stock to play with on the big day.
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Newegg hasn’t announced much of its day-one plans for Xbox Series X, and pre-orders were limited. However, Microsoft has named the retailer as one carrying day-one stock, which means you’ll want to keep an eye out here as well.
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Walmart’s pre-order stock was snapped up in seconds earlier this year, which means you’re going to have to fight if you’re looking to buy Xbox Series X here tomorrow.
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