December 1, 2020

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The North has been hit harder than the rest of England during the pandemic, increasing the levels of inequality in the country, according to a study.

Even after factoring in deprivation, ethnicity and the age structure of the population, the mortality rate in the Northern Powerhouse region was worse than elsewhere.

The report, compiled by the Northern Health Science Alliance and other organisations, included a list of 12 recommendations to “level-up” the country, including renewed efforts to tackle child poverty.

The study put a conservative estimate on the economic cost of the increased mortality in the North at £6.86 billion. It also estimated that the pandemic’s impact on the region’s mental health would cost around £5 billion a year.

The report led by scientists from the universities of Newcastle, Manchester, York and Liverpool found 57.7 more people per 100,000 died in the Northern Powerhouse than the rest of England between March and July.

They also said that since the pandemic, adverse trends in poverty, education, employment and mental health for children and young people have worsened.