November 28, 2020

Coronavirus live news: countries scramble to secure vaccine doses as US sees record hospitalisations – The Guardian

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In more cheerful news from the natural world:

They hatched six weeks ago, watched by thousands of Melburnians who were stuck inside under the coronavirus lockdown. Now, as life is beginning to return to the city below them, three peregrine falcon chicks roosting on a city centre skyscraper are also preparing to leave the nest.

The hatchlings – all female – have been obsessively monitored by cooped-up Victorians who turned to the Collins Street falcons livestream during lockdown.

By Friday they will be ready to take flight, says Victor Hurley, the founder of the Victorian Peregrine Project which monitors the birds in conjunction with Birdlife Australia. Then they will be made to move on – peregrines are fiercely territorial, and won’t tolerate their chicks remaining near home:

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More than 15,000 mink have died in US from coronavirus since August

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Lebanon imposes lockdown

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Iran imposes lockdown

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GP services will be cut back well into 2021 so family doctors can immunise millions of people against coronavirus at new seven-day-a-week clinics, NHS England has said.

Health leaders warned that surgeries will not be able to offer their full range of care for patients from next month as doctors and nurses will be immersed in administering jabs at more than 1,200 mass vaccination centres across England, potentially including sports halls, conference centres and open air venues.

It came as Britain reported 532 new deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test on Tuesday, the highest daily figure since May. Some 20,412 people tested positive for Covid-19, down slightly from the previous day:

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Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble to begin on 22 November

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China reports 17 new cases, down from day before

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England’s students to get six-day window to get home before Christmas

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