December 2, 2020

Joe Gomez injury latest: Gareth Southgate update, Liverpool statement, transfer options – Liverpool Echo

Southgate on the fixture pile-up this season

England boss refers to Joe Gomez again when he is asked about the congested football calendar.

Southgate: “I spoke about this right at the beginning of the season.

“With Joe [Gomez] a good example: we knew the load he has had in the last six weeks or so.

“We gave him and the other players who had been in European matches who played Sunday, an extra day’s recovery. Yet still something like this has happened.

“There are lots of discussions about extra subs. But the bigger picture here is, everybody in the game needs to work together.

“There was an opportunity this year to think differently. The pandemic has thrown up all sorts of difficulties for people. But everybody has tried to cram the programme into a smaller period.

“We are going to see injuries. It’s a desperately sad situation. When you see the impact on an individual, it hits home even more.

“A lot of these discussions should have happened in the summer. We could have adjusted the calendar in its entirety and all worked together. But people haven’t done that.”