December 4, 2020

Coronavirus live news: New York reimposes restrictions as US sees world record 136,000 cases in one day

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New Zealand identifies one new community case of coronavirus

A new, mysterious case of Covid-19 has been recorded in New Zealand’s largest city, and so far it has no links to the border or anyone that works there.

The person, a university student, became symptomatic on Monday and continued going to their job in the CBD. Authorities believe they may have become infected the previous Saturday, but as yet they are not sure how, or where.

Urgent genome testing is underway to see if the case has links to other domestic or international outbreaks, and the student has been placed in a quarantine hotel.

The announcement caused concern for many Aucklanders, worried that they may face moving up an alert level. Another press conference on the case is scheduled for 5 pm, local time.

More on this soon.

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Britain is “sleepwalking into a debt crisis” after a steep rise in emergency borrowing by low- and middle-income households to cope with the Covid-19 jobs crisis.

Research by the debt charity Stepchange found that household borrowing and arrears linked to the coronavirus pandemic have soared 66% since May to £10.3bn. The number of people who are in severe debt has risen to 1.2 million – nearly doubling since March – with a further 3 million people at risk of falling into arrears after taking on extra short-term loans.

Phil Andrew, the charity’s chief executive, said: “This report paints a picture of a nation sleepwalking into a debt crisis. Despite a bold initial reaction to the pandemic, the government and financial services sector’s toolkit of responses has not evolved, and the result is a spiralling number of people being plunged into debt due to Covid-19. And the worst is yet to come”:

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China reports 15 new coronavirus cases

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Summary: New York reimposes restrictions as US sees world record 136,000 cases in one day

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