November 27, 2020

No, its not girls vs boys at No 10 | News – The Times

The way some accounts of last week’s shenanigans were written create the impression we are about to see the door of Downing Street flung open and Allegra Stratton and Carrie Symonds strut out in high heels and purple satin dresses to the soundtrack of Here Come the Girls while cameras flash around them.

Scented candles will get rid of the smell of fear and loathing that had been lingering about the place; sausages and swedes will be swapped for something out of the Nigella Lawson playbook, and hearts will dot the i’s in all No 10 press releases. Dominic Cummings’s mission control will be replaced with the Directorate of Just a Suggestion!

According to the girls v boys narrative constructed over the past few days,