November 30, 2020

States close borders to South Australia after Covid cluster grows to 17 cases – live news

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WA’s open SA border last only 48 hours

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Adelaide outbreak summary

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Food delivery company Hungry Panda has abruptly failed to appear before a New South Wales parliamentary inquiry and “given no explanation” as to why.

The company had agreed to give testimony to a NSW inquiry into the gig economy after one of its food deliverers was killed in a car crash in Sydney last month.

It would have been the first public appearance for the company, which is headquartered in the UK and targets Chinese communities around the world.

Hungry Panda’s delivery manager, Luna Wei, was scheduled to speak at 11.45am today, and there was no indication that her testimony would be delayed.

But at 12pm, the chair of the committee, the Labor MP Daniel Mookhey, had to tell those watching that the company had simply not shown up.

Our next set of witnesses were meant to be from Hungry Panda …

Hungry Panda has failed to attend and not given any explanation. As a result, the committee will now adjourn until 1.45pm.

Last week, the widow of the worker who had been killed, Lihong Wei, testified before the same committee.

She also told Guardian Australia earlier that her husband’s death had left her family in financial ruin, and it was unclear whether Hungry Panda would pay her compensation for his death while working.

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