January 18, 2021

Where to buy Xbox Series X: stock is imminent at these stores – Gamesradar


Ok folks, let’s get ready as a fresh chance to buy an Xbox Series X is coming up very soon. And when Xbox Series X stock has appeared recently, it’s lasted mere minutes, so let’s get you prepped to help your chances. 

First up, we’ve got the word on when the Xbox Series X is coming back at a pair of retailers, one in the UK and another in the US. As well as checking them out, we’d also advise checking the list of retailer links further down this page as often as you can just-in-case other stores get random stock drops. It’s far from perfect, but, you know, welcome to 2020, it’s a mess. Just don’t resort to paying a scalper, we’re not there yet.

In the UK, Currys is getting stock today. It’s been emailing customers on the newsletter to say that Xbox Series X stock is coming online from 1pm, with this listing page due to be updated once it’s live. Be ready way in advance as we expect the digital queue format to be back too.

US peeps looking to buy an Xbox Series X have to wait an extra day, but Walmart is officially getting stock in later on November 25 at 9pm ET (including the Series S). Walmart has reliable form getting stock when it says it will. Be warned though, stock is still snapped up within minutes, so you should get online beforehand, get signed in, make sure you’ve got your correct account details added, and so on. FYI, Walmart will be getting PS5 stock at the same time.

Otherwise, keep your eye on the links below, folks. We’d act as soon as you see stock, but we are of course keeping the eye on the wider Xbox Series X Black Friday deals scene if you’re hedging your bets.

Where to buy Xbox Series X

Our pro tip today for finding Xbox Series X stock is to open up the retailer tabs and just keep refreshing them. We will of course be updating this page as soon as we hear about any updates on when you’ll be able to buy an Xbox Series X or when to next expect stock. Do keep an eye on those prices though as we’ve seen some third-party merchants on Amazon and other sites go past the usual asking price.

Xbox Series X accessories

Picking up a spare controller or one of the best Xbox Series X headsets might be a smart move sooner rather than later just-in-case stock shortages on these items become an issue the closer we get to Christmas. 

xbox series x controller series s

SteelSeries Arctis 9X black friday xbox series x headsets

(Image credit: Steelseries)

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Microsoft)

xbox game pass deals

(Image credit: Microsoft)

xbox live gold deals black friday

(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you’re not quite ready to drop the cash tomorrow take a look at Josh’s Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review for the full verdicts and be sure to keep an eye on our regularly-updated guides to the latest Xbox Series X bundle deals and PS5 deals.