January 19, 2021

Brexit Bulletin: it now all comes down to whether Boris will gamble on selling a bad deal – Telegraph.co.uk


But has the party’s infighting over lockdown changed the political equation? When Boris Johnson renegotiated the Withdrawal Agreement, Brexiteer MPs united behind him as their only hope after the horrors of Theresa May. Today, they are disappointed and embittered. Steve Baker is plotting a lockdown revolt in the Commons, and the ERG has warned it will vote down any deal that impinges on Britain’s sovereignty.

If Tory backbenchers mean business this time, it’s a game changer. Boris Johnson may calculate that, should Brexiteers publicly judge his deal to be a bad one, only he will be blamed. In contrast, he can blame a no-deal on the EU’s bad faith. Perhaps this scenario also suits Brussels, which would happily blame a no-deal on Britain’s bid to renege on the Withdrawal Agreement.

In other words – whether the outcome is a clean or questionable Brexit – it all comes down to finding two versions of the truth on which both sides can agree to disagree. It is not the technical detail of Brexit – but the political pageantry – that is mind-bending.