January 18, 2021

Boris urged to WALK AWAY after EU fishing demands in Brexit talks – ‘They are OUR waters!’ – Daily Express


Boris Johnson is understood to have lowered his fishing demands in negotiations with Brussels, and offered the EU up to 40 percent of fish in British waters. In response, Express.co.uk asked its readers whether it backed such a major climbdown.


The poll, carried out from 9am-9.30pm on December 3, asked: “Should Boris Johnson walk away if EU insists on taking 40 percent of UK fish?”

The overwhelming majority of the 22,310 respondents backed the move, with 92 percent (20,493) voting “yes”.

Just seven percent (1,565) said “no”, with one percent (252) opting for “don’t know”.

Readers then took to the comments to explain why they thought the UK should quit the trade talks.

brexit news boris johnson eu trade talks

Boris Johnson has been urged to walk away from post-Brexit trade talks with the EU (Image: Getty)

brexit news latest boris johnson michel barnier

The overwhelming majority of the 22,310 respondents backed the move (Image: Apester)

One person wrote: “Walk away if they INSIST on anything…. we will decide not them!”

Another user said: “UK waters belong 100 percent to the UK and the EU have no right to demand fishing access.

“They can apply for licenses and quotas just as they do now with the Northern fisheries group of countries.

“How many more stupid statements are the French going to come out with? They are beginning to lose the plot!”

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boris johnson brexit news eu trade deal

Boris Johnson is understood to have lowered his fishing demands in negotiations with Brussels (Image: Getty)

A third fumed: “UK waters, the clue is in the description.

“But the EU go by the old adage what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own.

“I hope we tell them where to go and if they don’t like it they can lump it.”

Another user said: “It is not up to the EU to demand, or divide up fishing or fishing rights in OUR waters!

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brexit news latest eu trade michel barnier

Brexit news: Trade talks with the EU are going down to the wire (Image: Getty)

“It is entirely at the discretion of the British government and should be told so!

“If they want to fish it HAS to be on OUR terms only!”

Other readers were concerned the Prime Minister would not honour his election promise to “get Brexit done”.

One person said: “Boris should realise if he gives an inch on this he will lose the expect of the nation also he won’t be in power come the next GE.

brexit news latest trade talks

Brexit news: What needs to happen for a trade deal to be signed off? (Image: Express)

“We loaned him our votes the Brexit party as a new name that will go on every ballot paper in the land and I will be getting on the outcome.

“That’s your dilemma Boris be true to Brexit or lose the next GE.”

Another reader wrote: “If he caves, I will not vote Tory again. Stand tall Boris or you’re toast”.

A third said: “Has Boris got British guts and determination?

“I hope so and I hope he isn’t going to betray us.”